Thursday, July 11, 2013

We're Hiring: Web Developer Position!

This doesn't happen often. We grow our tech team pretty slowly and carefully. But it's time: we might need your help.

Property line is looking for a talented, nice, clever web developer. A person who knows how to create and ship quality web applications. A person who enjoys the thrill of building a thing and seeing people use it and love it. We're looking for an outstanding individual who can bring their programming and web development expertise in creating web applications that specializes in Commercial Real Estate services and marketing. The ideal candidate will play an integral role in bringing our development projects up to speed and bring to market highly visible and innovative products. This position is full-time and will require good self-managing skills while also working well with a team of developers and designers…


Please view the ad for details:


  1. that is a good idea and fab work :) web development thanks for sharing..

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