Thursday, July 5, 2012

From Where I’m Sitting: Perception Really Is Everything.

Here at PL, we like our employees to come up with their own job titles.  We make sure that everyone here is able to do their highest and best each and every day. We want everyone that works for PL to be awesome every day, and KNOW that they’re being awesome.

Finding the right crew for us wasn’t easy and it sure took a long time to get where we are. Now what we want is to help commercial real estate brokers be awesome. And we want to become the dominant player in the CRE world.

The problem isn’t lack of quality product. We invented eMarket email blasts and have cultivated a very healthy database of members who REQUEST the product. We don’t buy lists of people who may not even be in the industry. And brokers buy them because they work.

The problem isn’t lack of people trained to assist you. Yes, you get real people on the phone. Real people with a genuine interest in helping you get the best experience you can from our website.

We’ve been told that it isn’t anything that PL isn’t doing, but their clients want to know why they aren’t using the big guys. So it must be the perception that non-brokers have. And we need to change that.

And that’s where you, our resident experts come in. What can we do to save you money and get more CRE professionals on board? How can we change the minds of your clients and FINALLY give the competition, some… well…COMPETITION?

We’re serious about this. PL is committed to your online experience.  We need to change the way commercial real estate business gets done.  Because the future will consist of more and more price hikes, subscription increases, and other, NEW ways to get more of your money.

If you have suggestions, ideas, or good old-fashioned constructive criticism, please email us directly.

Thanks for stopping by. Have an awesome week!

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