Tuesday, March 20, 2012

PL Member Spotlight: Michael Bull, CCIM

Michael Bull writes for Property Line's PL Member Spotlight:

What lured you into commercial real estate to begin with?
I liked dealing with people rather than things, the people around us; that is what makes life interesting, not the stuff around us. I enjoy interacting with people and adding value to the people around me. Commercial real estate is a great business to do just that.

Tell us about your first deal...
I was 19 when I closed my first deal. It was a 20 unit apartment building in Midtown Atlanta at 1066 Piedmont Ave. I was hooked on the business.

How many deals have you done in your career?
I have closed about $3 billion in sales and leases between 1979 and today.

Describe your dream deal for the PL Membership.
I like following the biggest firms in the country on exclusive for sale listings and providing much better results. It’s rewarding to see the clients response and creates fans for our platform. Those are the deals I enjoy the most.

What was your toughest deal?
I guess the toughest one personally was many years ago closing a small apartment sale. The buyer asked me the same questions over and over again. He did not know me and wanted to see if I was being honest I guess. While it frustrated me, I answered politely, but chose not to work with him again. For the most part in this business we get to pick who we work with, which makes it even more enjoyable.

Do you have any thoughts about the current state of the real estate marketplace or economy?
The already-strong sectors, such as multifamily, single-tenant net lease, and medical office, will continue to strengthen in the next year. The sales volume of these assets will increase and capitalization rates will remain stable or compress even further on properties with longer leases. Cap rates for stable assets in secondary markets will improve for sellers as investor demand spreads to these markets. 
Industrial, office, and retail sector performance will continue to improve very slowly and in that order. The growth will be slower for class B properties and even slower for C properties, especially in suburban locations not tied to an employment or education center. Improving performance will be partially due to lack of new construction.

Who (or what) is most played on your iPod?
Benny Benassi, James Taylor and Marc Cohn.

What are you reading?
YouTube for Business, by Michael Miller.

Tell us about your use of social media and your radio show.
The media and advertising world is changing before our eyes. Two years ago I seldom spoke to groups, had never had an article published and had never even been interviewed on the radio. Now I speak regularly and have had dozens of articles published nationally. I’m followed by thousands in social media, produce videos and I host a popular radio show.

The press calls the radio show, America’s Commercial Real Estate Show. It’s a national talk radio show about commercial real estate with new topics every week. The listeners say the shows are enlightening and informative. The shows are available on demand anytime on iTunes and the show web site, www.CREshow.com. They are also available on-air including flagship station Biz1190 WAFS at 10:00am EST every Saturday in Atlanta. The show has listeners all over the world.

How do you determine the topics?
Topics are chosen based on current issues in commercial real estate. For example, we have updates on the various property sectors as well as shows that address buying and selling distressed assets, the health of the banking industry, lease issues and commercial loan workouts. We’ve also had some great shows providing commercial real estate training, and shows on sustainability, zoning for dollars and social media marketing.

How do you select your guests?
We invite guests who are well-known for their experience related to each topic and we’ve established relationships with top analysts at Fitch Ratings, Trepp, Reis, Real Capital Analytics, E&Y, PwC, and many other industry-leading analysts. We also interview well known developers and real estate investment trusts. Guests also include leaders from the top commercial real estate associations, such as CCIM, BOMA, ICSC, ULI and NAR.

About Michael Bull
Michael Bull, CCIM is an author, speaker, trainer, consultant, radio show host and commercial real estate broker. He has been successful in the commercial real estate brokerage business for 30 years assisting clients in over $3 billion dollars of sales and leases. Mr. Bull is the founder of Bull Realty, Incorporated, a regional commercial real estate brokerage firm with three offices, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The firm was founded fourteen years ago with two primary missions. 1) To provide a company of stellar integrity and reputation, and 2) To provide the best commercial real estate marketing in the nation. Michael Bull's real estate experience includes owning, renovating, managing and extensive brokerage experience with of all types of commercial real estate. He is member of ICSC, ALG, AGREE, ACBR, NAR, GBA, REGA, CRB, and CCIM.

Michael grew up in Atlanta attending local area schools, Grady High school, Georgia State and the Georgia Institute of Real Estate. Michael lives in the Atlanta area with his wife of seventeen years and his two children. His favorite pastimes include spending time with his family, music, basketball and performance boating.

On Twitter Michael Bull (@BullRealty) tweets about show topics, commercial real estate, business news and occasionally about technology, social media, sales, motivation and humor.

Michael Bull, CCIM, CRB, ePro
Founder, Bull Realty, Inc.
800-408-2855 ext 2001

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