Thursday, February 2, 2012

Intro To CRE 101

Aki & Jim Palmer write for The Coloradoan: Get tools for success in commercial real estate investing.
Experts say success in commercial real estate investment requires the willingness to spend a lot of time and effort up front researching, developing the right relationships and identifying the right type of investment.
We couldn't stress enough that having the right tools to backup your skill set is another addition to up your game in the competitive field of commercial real estate. The Coloradian article also stresses:
It's essential for investors to educate themselves on market fundamentals, including current vacancy rates and possible trends within a particular trade area. Investors shouldn't hesitate to utilize local real estate experts as a resource for market information.
With that said, we're here to also shamelessly plug our upcoming webinar: Key to Finding Prospects with ProspectNow. If you are a proactive broker looking for ways to find and manage prospects, join us on February 7, 2012 at 10 AM - 11 AM PST for the FREE webinar. For more information, call us at 888.889.1063 or send email at See you all there!

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