Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Property Line is in the business of providing email campaign tools (eMarket), property listing solutions and search capabilities all geared towards commercial real estate professionals. And in our quest to provide CRE's access and benefit from our marketing and CRE-related services, we frequently monitor the tech world for the latest and greatest products. We believe in the mantra that "Good ideas benefit some one. Great ideas benefit every one." and that is the reason why we regularly ask our member base of users as well as PL employees for continuous feedback about our web site and core products. While doing the daily morning roundup of "news searching", we came across several articles and one came across as notable since it tries to take apart the reasoning why any company would create a product or service...

If we were to write an article about Google's latest buzz product (no pun intended) called Google+, it would read something like Dave Winer's blog post aptly titled Google Yawn:
I've been to so many big earth-shaking events from BigTechCo's -- today's Google thing is making me yawn, while my eyes glaze over in boredom.

Here's how products like this are conceived:
  1. We need to kill Facebook.
  2. What will we do.
  3. It can't just be Facebook.
  4. No one will use that.
  5. It has to be better.
  6. It has to be something only we can do.
  7. Some place where we have the advantage.
  8. Something people have no choice but to use.
So if you're Microsoft in 1999, you bake it into Windows.
If you're Google in 2011, you bake it into search.
People may agree or disagree with the overall tone of the post, but you can't deny that it's a good analysis of the situation which could be applicable to everyone.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tech Ramblings

We are in an era where technology is finally catching up with the ideas along with the ability to produce them. Yesterday's WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) two-hour keynote presentation is proof positive that technology is evolving and pushing the envelope not only with hardware but with software, and Apple's decisions to make yesterday's annual event sans hardware release emphasizes that thought. At first, the geeks within Property Line found the keynote a tad lackluster since we were all hoping for either a new MacBook Air or a glimpse of the much talked about iPhone 5 (or is it iPhone 4S?), but eventually, we all started seeing where Apple wanted to go, and that is to address the work flow, and this got us all excited. Think Different we mused. Apple wanted to focus on a new product called iCloud, and despite the fact that Google and Amazon have a similar product, it differentiates itself by a number of things. The two other companies sees the cloud as basically a storage medium over the air — an access anywhere hard drive to put it simplistically. iCloud on the other hand chose to use the cloud technology as an entire system that "stores and push" content to every Apple device from one central location, an untethered digital hub. Apple has tried to answer the age-old problem of having multiple systems syncing to a central content, all your apps are still local, it's the content (docs, music, photos, etc.) that are synchronized over the air and seamlessly. Here's a snippet from the iCloud Press Release:
“Today it is a real hassle and very frustrating to keep all your information and content up-to-date across all your devices,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “iCloud keeps your important information and content up to date across all your devices. All of this happens automatically and wirelessly, and because it’s integrated into our apps you don’t even need to think about it—it all just works.”
Daring Fireball best summarizes this in an article titled 'Demoted':
iCloud is the new iTunes. The tethered digital hub is dead; long live the wireless digital hub. Apple sees iCloud as shaping the next ten years the way the iTunes-on-your-Mac/PC digital hub shaped the last ten.
Looking at a bigger picture, and based on past works done by Apple, the company sometimes isn't the first to come up with a product, sometimes they are not even the top-tier when it comes to hardware specs, but what they are good at is delivering a completely refined and well-thought out product that addresses every possible way a consumer uses or interacts with it. We are in no way implying that Property Line is an Apple-wannabe, in fact, we are in a totally different category, but we would like to think and follow the same wave length and ideology — to deliver products and services that addresses the needs of the Commercial Real Estate industry that "just works", one feature at a time.

These are indeed exciting times we live in...