Friday, December 2, 2011

Better Buildings Challenge

The Real Estate Roundtable on PR Newswire: Presidents Obama and Clinton Recognize Real Estate Roundtable Members' Participation in "Better Buildings Challenge".
$4 Billion Commitment to Building Retrofits Could Create Up To 50,000 Jobs
Also worth noting:
According to today's White House announcement, BBC partners have made aggregate commitments of nearly $2 billion to improve energy efficiency across approximately 1.4 billion square feet of office, industrial, hospitality, and other commercial real estate space. The Obama Administration also announced it will direct $2 billion to a two-year effort across the Federal government's real estate portfolio to encourage maximum use of "performance-based contracting" – whereby third parties guarantee that the expenses of an energy-efficiency retrofit project will be compensated from its resulting lower energy costs.
Job creation is the BBC's primary objective. With the skilled workers needed to retrofit buildings with energy efficiency upgrades, hiring in the construction sector will ripple throughout the economy, spurring manufacturing, engineering, service sector, and other employment opportunities.
Source: PR Newswire

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