Friday, September 16, 2011

With regards to the Costar/Loopnet (Loopstar?) merger, will free services (full disclosure: like mine) finally be taken seriously?

I know it's been an uphill battle for us.

In case you weren't aware, our revenue model is completely different, you list and search for free. If you so choose, you can buy our marketing tools. We invented the "eMarket" blast that everyone now tries to co-op as theirs. Thing is, our blasts are only sent to our database, which is full of interested, targeted individuals, not a generic list paid for by a send company.

At any rate, it's time the revenue model changed. Listing data (in our opinion) belongs to YOU. Why are you paying for a place to put it... littered in a database of hundreds of thousands of other listings just waiting for someone else who paid for the privilege to find you? That seems counter-intuitive to PL. Push your inventory to people who what/need what you have to offer makes much more sense, don't you think? It's pro-active and shows you are doing everything you can to close a deal.

If you have any Email us with your questions, I'd be happy to get one of our Member Services people help you. Give us a call (800.889.1063). You'll find an actual person on the other end, not a phone tree.

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