Monday, August 1, 2011

Marketing Commercial Real Estate 101

This arrived in the inbox today and warmed my heart:
"A longtime member who has never used an eMarket blast to promote any of his listings sent his first one out yesterday to CA and NV . I advised him to keep it simple and I was terrified when I first viewed it because I thought he made it too simple. He sent me an email this morning stating that he received about 26 emails and 14 calls yesterday."
Lesson here: keep it simple. Too often we have this urge to pack every square inch of advertising with information. Whether you are doing an eMarket Blast (invented & perfected by Property Line, copied by so many small fish with purchased databases of emails) or creating a PDF, keep it simple enough that the searcher will want to call you with questions.

YOU WANT THE CALL, not a fully informed broker who doesn't need to get more information from you personally. The Call is your chance to sell. And selling is what closes deals, not fancy pictures and big words.

Of course, listing is another kettle of fish entirely. Listings bring searchers. Any and all pertinent information that can be searched should be included. Take the time to fill our listing fields to the limit of what you know. (And if you don't have the time, call us about free bulk uploads for high-volume inventory.)

I could tell stories for days about clients calling in searching for "kitchen" or "large yard". If you had those qualifiers, they would have seen your listing and given you a call.

And the call is what counts.

So, as I said before, we created eMarket blasts and crafted a wonderful database of members (hi, everybody!), so we know marketing. Trust us when we inform you that the ten photos you want on your custom eMarket would be better served in the listing, not the marketing.

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