Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Difference

Occasionally, we have clients asking us "why others are able to send email blasts immediately and not Property Line".

Property Line is very careful about the volume of mail we send. Since we invented the eMarket product, we have spent the time to refine our send process and made every effort to study the threshold of how many eMarkets recipients can handle in a single day without unsubscribing or hitting the spam button. Thus, we will not go over that limit and upset our clients just so we can send eMarkets quicker than everyone (which we can but won't).

Unlike other companies who:
  1. Do not have as many people signed up as Property Line does…
  2. Do not care if they spam people, or…
  3. Do not even have a list of QUALIFIED users (qualified being the key word!), so therefore they don't care how many they send a day.

That's the Property Line Difference:  We Care.

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